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7 tips for the time-crunched lawyer

My latest article is up on – 7 tips for the time-crunched.  This month I am focused on what it takes to thrive in the whirlwind of our everyday lives.  Although my title to this post specifies lawyers, the article is really aimed at any one working in a law firm or indeed professionals in general.  One caveat, in my quick editing of the article prior to submission I didn’t notice that I skipped from tip three to tip five so really it should be six tips for the time-crunched.

So here is my missing tip number four:

Sleep.  Rest.  Recuperate.

Tip four isn’t really complicated.  It is however essential.  Human beings need eight hours of sleep a night.  Our brains work so much better when given the opportunity for a good’s night rest.  One of the results of our energetic, to-do-list lives, is that we borrow the time we need for sleep and give it to other activities.  The result is that we aren’t as sharp and alert as we could be, our thinking is slowed down, and we get less done.  I am working with a couple of clients now caught in the sleep deprivation spiral.

I suggest a simple experiment.  In the coming week try getting 8 hours or more of sleep a night for 3 consecutive nights and experience how it feels.  Are you more clear-headed?  What impact does it have on your levels of stress and anxiety during the day?  Are you accomplishing more during the day?  Send me an email and let me know what you notice.



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