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Are you so fully connected to work, that you can not take a real vacation?

Written by David E. Behrend

As we enter summer, your family, friends and colleagues are probably taking some type of holiday over the next three months, be it traveling, or going to the mountains or beaches. Unfortunately, it has been shown that
many may not take that vacation from work even if granted the time. Maybe before the global recession of 2008 started, by not now in 2016!

This post recession anxiety, where the economy of USA and Canada tanked, employers cut jobs and piled on work of employees whom remained. Productivity became even more important and people feared for their loss of employment. If you stepped away and the business and things went along fine without you…. As the economy recovered, employers at all levels, have started hiring back, but not to full capacity, be it law firms, or other businesses and institutions. The expectations are for you, in a position, to work more.

There maybe fear of being disconnected and now some take care of that fear because work is in my hand – pull the iphone/ipad out and I am working! For some the breakneck pace of work, surely in the field of law today, taking a vacation for many, seems like more trouble than its worth. I have a saying that ‘ If one takes a vacation for a week, one can be two weeks behind when they return.’ This is not to say, a law firms fault, it’s a combination of the realities of an industry and ones own Type A personality. Some find it hard, at all levels, from giving up control, to step away, even if its temporary. This is a bit silly, because of technology one can be in contact with clients, fellow employees and family in moments notice anywhere-maybe not from the top of Mt Everest!

Lack of any enjoyable vacation effects your health and relations with family. One sends a dangerous message to spouses or partners , and children, that work time is protected, but family time is not! Vacation time is important impacting on your family relationships, and equally mental and physical health. My wife and I will again be spending two glorious weeks in Northern Vermont close to the Canadian Border, recharging!
David Behrend

About the author

David E. Behrend

Director of Career Planning Service, I have been a consultant working with attorneys and other professionals for over 25 years. My focus is on career development, concentrating on meaningful or necessary job change or career transitions. I have authored many articles on the subject, and have appeared on numerous radio and television shows. My practice offers both office and telephone career consultations.

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