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Are your mornings bulletproof?

Have you heard that Blue Rodeo song “Bulletproof”? Well, as the lyrics go, I don’t want to lie about…. I AM bulletproof. At least my coffee and my diet are. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then let me enlighten you. The bulletproof diet is one of the newest forms of biohacking – a do-it-yourself-biology trick to help you obtain great health. I already have a blog post explaining the bulletproof diet, which you can read here, so let me jump directly into how you can power up your mornings with a bulletproof beverage.

You may be wondering – what’s the difference between a bulletproof coffee and my regular morning coffee. Well, for starters, how do you feel after your morning coffee? Do you feel a surge of energy and then a crash a little while later? One of the big differences with a bulletproof coffee is that you get the energy surge without the crash. In fact, the healthy fat that is added to your coffee will give you enough energy to power through everything on your “to do” list for the morning. That is because healthy fats are a source of energy for the body – they provide a consistent stream of energy without the crash. So, we get the buzz from the coffee, and the energy from the fat to keep us going without a crash.

Bulletproof coffee can be made with either grass-fed butter or coconut oil. I want to emphasize here that the butter MUST be grass-fed in order to get the omega 3 healthy fats. Butter from cows that are fed a grain based diet is inflammatory – it is the grass that provides the omega 3 benefit. Since humans cannot digest fibrous materials like grass, we get the omega 3 healthy fat benefit when we eat the product from a cow – be that grass-fed butter, or meat.

Now, if blending butter in your coffee doesn’t sound appetizing, or if you’re vegan, another alternative (in fact, the one I prefer), is to blend your coffee with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Whatever you choose, it is important to blend the fat of your choice with the brewed coffee. It is only by blending the fat that it is properly emulsified (broken up). Once you’ve blended your coffee with the fat of your choice, your coffee should almost look like a latte.

I find this a very satisfying breakfast drink – in fact, it’s so filling that I find I don’t need any food until lunch time. And I have enough energy to get through my busy morning practice at the clinic. Give it a try – and if you like it, maybe you will become bulletproof too.

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Dr. Joseph Steyr N.D.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on biochemistry and endocrinology (hormones). My interest in research relating to long-term stress and the development of chronic disease led me to become a corporate health and wellness speaker. I see myself not only as a doctor, but also as an educator. My knowledge of conventional medical sciences and traditional health philosophies allows me to see a person’s health from multiple points of view so that I can educate my patients on which treatment options are best for their optimal health. You can reach me by email at or visit my website

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