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For you imposters out there!

Do you believe that you are much less accomplished then others think you are?  Despite your numerous achievements, high performance at law school, and numerous professional successes do you still doubt your abilities and second guess yourself?  Is there a negative voice in your head that puts you down, and offers a steady stream of negative commentary?  If you answered yes, then you just might just be a member of the “imposter syndrome” club.

Imposter Syndrome is “a psychological syndrome identified in the late 1970s by Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes and expanded upon by Manfred Kets de Vries in a 2005 HBR article. It describes frequent feelings of incompetence despite all of the evidence to the contrary.”  Imposter syndrome is an apt term as people exhibiting the condition literally feel like imposters.

As a lawyer coach I have encountered a significant number of legal professionals who grapple with an over-active inner critic.  The inner critic cannot be silenced but there are effective strategies for handling the doubt and negative self-talk and turning it into something positive.

This week the Harvard Business review blog offers an excellent article by Susan David on “how-to-deal” with your inner critic.  Click here to read more or download a copy of the attached article.  It’s time to start talking back to the critic!

(Article: How to Manage your Inner Critic)

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