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“H” is for… “hireback” time

Written by Paulette Pommells


Hireback season is upon the legal profession. Many hireback decisions haven’t been made just yet…which is why I think it’s prime time for articling students to get organized and prepared for their next steps, whatever they may be.

Here are three preparatory steps to consider…

  1. Update Your Résumé

Make a list of all the work you did in your articles and identify which skills were utilized in each situation.

Why: This list will help you update your résumé (regardless of whether you are hired back).

Resource: Take a look at the entry-level competencies the LSUC requires of each a barrister and solicitor for ideas of how to word things:

  1. Fill in the Learning Gaps

After consulting the LSUC’s entry-level competencies, you may feel that there are gaps in your articling experience to date. Pick the areas that are most important to you, and seek out that work. There’s still time left!

Why: Your principal/employer might be so impressed with your proactive approach that this request might very well influence a hireback decision in your favour or a job opportunity in the future.

Resource: “Excelling at articles” by Ines Gavran

  1. Ask for Feedback

Speak to the lawyers you have worked with and ask for feedback. Ask questions that determine your strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.

Why: You will want to grow as a professional and one of the most powerful ways to do that is to learn what kind of an impression you are making on others.

Resource: Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg at chapter 6 “Seek and Speak Your Truth”

What can you start doing now to prepare for your next steps?


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