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“K” is for having a kaleidoscope-like résumé, not a collision!

Written by Paulette Pommells

I’ve always liked kaleidoscopes. The fact that a mixture of mirrors and coloured glass can yield so many patterns is beautiful to me. The above photograph is from a giant kaleidoscope installation by David David during Nuit Blanche, 2014.

Since becoming a certified résumé strategist, I cannot help but make a mental comparison of that photograph to the countless résumés I review:

Instead of a beautiful display of one’s work and background, I often see a collision of experience jammed under one heading (usually entitled “Work Experience”).

Just how a kaleidoscope can showcase patterns and light in endless ways, a résumé can do the same. How you choose to piece things together takes a little thought and creativity, but with so many options, it’s an opportunity to bring out the best of your profile. The key is to look at your work history and background, and determine if there are any groupings that are relevant to the potential employer.

Because I am heavily engaged in this work right now (with articling applications due July 1st and second year summer applications due August 22) I thought I would share a few résumé headings that I’ve created for clients:

  • Law School Highlights
  • Litigation and Mooting Experience
  • Corporate and Business Experience
  • Human Rights and Advocacy Experience
  • Writing and Research
  • Entrepreneurial Activities
  • Industry Experience

See one that applies to your profile? Great, use it!

If not, create your own kaleidoscope, or hire me to do it for you!

I still have a few spots left for the August 22nd deadline.

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I am a certified coach with a creative approach to bring out the best of the 21st Century Lawyer! A 21st Century Lawyer myself, I was faced with a professional dilemma years ago: I had become a “successful” lawyer, and yet something didn't feel right. One day, I hired a career coach and realized how similar coaching is to the legal strategy process. I decided to share this breakthrough with every single lawyer. Today, Creative Choices™ is a sought-after technique by lawyers, law students and law firms when it comes to professional challenges of all kinds. You can learn more about this on my website or by emailing me at

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