Monday Morning Practice

Monday Morning Practice: Add a dose of fun

Written by Allison Wolf

Reposted from November 8, 2015

I just had a great weekend. I discovered that making shortbread with my new KitchenAid mixer is incredibly quick and easy compared to the old elbow grease method.

I enjoyed some long dog walks in with a friend and had time to start reading some escapist fiction.

I also worked on Saturday and Sunday and the above doses of fun kept the weekend feeling like a weekend.

Next week I am facilitating a Grit & Growth panel presentation with four great lawyers at the CBA Leadership Conference for Professional Women. In preparation, I have been on an intensive Grit & Growth research project and one thing I know for sure is that fun is essential for Grit and Growth.

Fun isn’t frivolous.

Fun is rejuvenating; it refreshes your mind and body.

Fun helps keep you functional when under stress.

Fun can give you a fresh perspective on problems,

Fun increases your energy and prevents burnout.

Fun is good for your brain.

Fun stimulates creativity and innovation.

The Monday Morning Practice is to add some fun to every day of your week. If you are like me, figuring out what is fun for you might take some thinking. We spend so much time focused on being more productive and getting things done and fun doesn’t make it onto our to-do-list. It’s the last thing we thing we should be spending time on.

In fact, fun is exactly what we need to spend time on.

To seek out your fun, start by thinking about what you liked to do as a kid. I loved going for long walks in the woods and ready fantasy fiction for hours. My fun now is long dog walks and escapist fiction.

Kirsti who has a busy commercial litigation practice loves puzzles. Nothing spells fun for her like a puzzle spread out on the dining room table.

Cory the IP lawyer is a BBQ master. His version of fun is preparing a beef brisket for friends.

What is your fun? Is it playing computer games? Singing? Crafts? Cooking?

Whatever it is, give yourself a dose of fun every day this week.

Read some escapist fiction.

Watch funny videos on YouTube.

Download a game on your Ipad.

Make cookies.

And remember, fun isn’t frivolous. It’s essential.

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Allison Wolf

I am the founder of AWAL and one of the most senior coaches for lawyers in North America. I have helped countless clients over the past fifteen years, develop thriving legal practices and before that served as director of marketing for award-winning law firms. My specialty is uncovering the thinking traps and gaps holding clients back and helping them acquire the mindsets, skills, and habits for growing successful and rewarding legal careers. After a career in legal marketing and business development with law firms in Beijing, New York, and Vancouver, I was trained as a coach in 2004 at Royal Roads University and now coach clients from across North America. You can reach me at or learn more about my coaching practice from the coaching section of the Attorney With A Life Website.

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