Monday Morning Practice

Monday Morning Practice – Tips for Getting Your Holiday Cards Out

Written by Allison Wolf

Good morning on this first Monday in December. Yes, it is already December 7 and the countdown for getting your holiday cards out started over a week ago.  If, like me, you are playing catch up this year, here are a few tips to help you get those personal holiday greetings in the mail:

  • Go out and get some cards – go to your nearest dollar store, pharmacy, or card shop and get your cards. Don’t get caught up in the time trap of finding  the perfect card.
  • Buy a pile of stamps and have them ready to go.
  • Use return address stickers on your envelopes to save time on handwriting.
  • Do your cards in five to ten minute blitzes. You don’t have to sit down for hours and pound through them.  Small blitzes of focused time will get you to the finish line.
  • Jill Farmer suggests: “Keep a stack of cards right by your incoming mail. Then, as soon as you read someone’s card,  take out one of your own, write a short note and sign it, and address the card using the envelope they just sent you as reference. A super simple, streamlined way to stay in touch with the people reaching out to you.”
  • Hate your penmanship? Skip handwriting your cards and get Punkpost to do that for you:  “It’s all done by specialized writers who practice good penmanship and enjoy taking the time and care to write other people’s messages. The cards are designed by hand-picked artists and designers who use Punkpost as a platform to find an extra line of creative freedom.”
  • And as a last resort, skip the paper cards and go the email route.

Bottom line is, if sending and receiving holiday cards is something you enjoy then drop the guilt and the stress and get back into the simple pleasure of it.  Get your favourite hot beverage and settle in for some holiday card writing sessions.   Do what you need to maximize the feel good and minimize the stress and anxiety.






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