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My new computer crashed (and why it’s actually a good thing)

Written by Jill Farmer

My coach suggested I do some clutter clearing.

It always helps me get clearer.
Connected to what matters.

Specifically, she said I should clean up the clutter on my computer.

My computer is only a year old.

Didn’t seem like it should be too cluttery.

But, I trusted her intuition and started opening folders and looking at files.

Turns out, there was a lot of old data I no longer needed.
Outdated programs.
Abandoned ideas.
Defunct apps.
I trashed it all. It felt really good.

Something happened when I started clearing the digital clutter.
My computer started running really slowly.

R e a l l y  s l o w l y.

I brought in my computer guru Gabe (everybody needs a Gabe).
He found some contaminated files.
He conducted a good virus scrub.
He wiped everything on the computer and reloaded it–minus the contaminated files.

Turns out, even when you’re not using them, old contaminated files can infect new files and make stuff run poorly.

I took this revelation as a divine message.

Maybe some of my “old files” or old beliefs that I no longer used very often were still infecting my newer files.
Old beliefs like:
“Being busy is better than being quiet.”
“There’s not enough time.”
“Everyone needs to like me in order for me to be okay.”

Could I clear them out and stop storing them for future use?
They are not true. I can let them go.

I love it when sticky situations in my life bring a meaningful message.

So, I expressed a prayer of gratitude for the insights, and intended to be on my merry way.


My computer got worse.
It stopped working completely.

Gabe came back for more triage.

The diagnosis?
A damaged hard drive.

Even with the bad files eliminated, my computer was trying to do its job through a faulty processor.

Once again, my crapped-out newish computer was delivering some hardcore metaphor messages to me.

Even when I eliminate faulty beliefs and am operating my life with truer thoughts–if I process those thoughts through fear instead of through love–things are going to get screwed up.

When I step back and simply ask myself, “Am I processing this situation through love (or integrity or possibility), instead of through fear?”, I notice some important things.
Situations get clearer.
Judgements soften.
Boundaries get cleaner.
Uncertainty gets less threatening.
Possibilities get broader and more numerous.
Life get easier because I spend a lot less time and effort on “just in case” activities (which are usually unnecessary).
The computer is back home on my desk, with a brand new hard drive (thank you warranty.)

And, I’m practicing using a much better processor in my life to make decisions, to gather perspective and to just be in the world.

Try using your love processor to see if things start moving more smoothly and meaningfully in your life, too.

With love,

Jill Farmer

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Jill Farmer

I love helping people get more meaningful work done in less time. I am the author of "There's Not Enough Time... and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves" which debuted as a bestseller in the Time Management Category on Amazon. In 2015, The Washington Post named me to its 21-Day Time Hacker team. I travel the world delivering keynotes and seminars for top corporations and organizations. I am also a wife and the mother of two teens and I have the two worst-behaved dogs in the universe. You can reach me at or visit my website

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