Managing Self Wellness

Opposing points of view

Written by Judy Hissong

You may have heard or read about the opposite of love is fear, not hate. We are in an especially challenging time in the world where life and death has become a daily concern in more parts of the world than the Middle East, or other places where we have grown numb to the loss of life. This may be impacting you as you watch the news or follow stories of fear. Fear. False Evidence Appearing Real.

Reality is that our evolution from flight or fight hasn’t come that far. When we are afraid we release adrenaline, to outrun the theoretical “bear”. And if we aren’t actually running we find ourselves with the need to release that adrenaline. We have one of three responses – attack, flee, or freeze. We attack by lashing out, or lashing in. We behave badly, toward ourselves or others. Maybe we flee, jeopardizing relationships, dismissing our calendars or our self-care. Or perhaps we freeze. Do nothing, feel stuck, and frustrated with our lack of movement.

Do you see yourself in one of those three? If so, explore it further. The more I attend to the parts of me that are afraid, the more I can release that feeling. Meditation is so important to our health. Coaching is another source of processing your approach to fear, along with exploring how it creeps up on you.

C’mon, we all benefit when one of us attends to our inner needs. We can do this, and the world gets better as a result!

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Judy Hissong

Professional Athlete. Accredited Executive Coach. Certified Personal Trainer. Decade in legal management. I revel in maximizing human potential – coaching and training leaders to live from the inside out, creating and synergizing teams to balance flow and service, and speaking to audiences of all sizes on the power of our minds, managing stress, and a variety of other topics. Find me @judyhissong, email at, and learn more at

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