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Did you know that our indoor environment can be more toxic than the outdoor environment?

My article last month discussed how our indoor environment impacts our health. With Earth Day fast approaching on April 22, I thought this post should be about how we can create a healthier indoor environment that is also beneficial for the outdoor environment. First, I want to share this article with you which is packed with great, practical information about indoor toxins and how to reduce them in your home or office.

Another important resource I want to share is the Environmental Working Group’s website. Have you heard of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen foods? This is the organization that provides that information. This site also includes a link to a cosmetic database which rates the safety of 80,000 personal care products. A valuable site to know!

As a naturopathic doctor I consider treatment of the whole person –that means not just what you put into your body when you eat, but also what you put on your body. Many skincare and beauty products that we use on a daily basis contain ingredients that disrupt the functioning of our hormones and can lead to myriad of health issues. That being said, if you read the articles and think “wow I need to get rid of everything in my house” I want to offer a piece of advice. You don’t need to do a whole overhaul on everything in your house or office to change your indoor environment. Start by replacing things as you run out, and make a promise to yourself (and the earth) that from here forth you will only buy environmentally-friendly and clean products.


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Dr. Joseph Steyr N.D.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on biochemistry and endocrinology (hormones). My interest in research relating to long-term stress and the development of chronic disease led me to become a corporate health and wellness speaker. I see myself not only as a doctor, but also as an educator. My knowledge of conventional medical sciences and traditional health philosophies allows me to see a person’s health from multiple points of view so that I can educate my patients on which treatment options are best for their optimal health. You can reach me by email at or visit my website

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