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Questions for consideration at the start of the New Year

Written by Judy Hissong

I resolve….

We made it! Revelers and resolutions aside, 2016 has arrived. How have you prepared yourself for this new horizon?  Did you set intentions? Choices? Actions? Goals? Maybe you poo-poo’ed the whole idea, and simply showed up at work to go back to where you left off last week.

Stress comes in all forms, including the most formidable – our own internal measuring system for success or failure. So, instead of deciding on a resolution to fix something (weight loss, drinking less, exercising more), how about a commitment to learning or practicing something new?

I see this as the power of focus.  Often times we focus on what we are without.  We don’t have “enough time”, “enough money”, “enough friends”, etc.  Enough already!  What do you have?  Where are you with instead of without? When we look toward the future with goals we are creating a path that directs us.  We know this path illuminates our way, reducing obstacles and increasing success. Developing the skill to focus on the direction you are going requires attention, practice, and play. Listening to your own language choices, how much of the time is your internal dialogue about missing a mark instead of celebrating the finish line?

In talking with friends over these past few holiday weeks, our conversation inevitably turned to what plans/goals/dreams we each had for the New Year. And part of that identification was to mark the shortcomings, withholdings, or other forms of lack in 2015.  We all felt the stress of the year that person had survived, yet when we noted the successes of the year it was clear the year had provided much growth and forward momentum.

It’s a trap we can easily catch our foot in, and find ourselves dangling from a limb. I encourage you to consider what patterns you have in your life, yes, and also to move that forward into what you want to evolve and expand in 2016. In our ability to learn on demand, listen while we commute, what new skill could you cultivate?

Where would your best opportunity to grow be?  Personal growth and professional growth go hand in hand, and without ‘resolving’ anything, what will you reflect back on in 2017 and celebrate?  Begin with the end in mind…..and set that path for your success!

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Judy Hissong

Professional Athlete. Accredited Executive Coach. Certified Personal Trainer. Decade in legal management. I revel in maximizing human potential – coaching and training leaders to live from the inside out, creating and synergizing teams to balance flow and service, and speaking to audiences of all sizes on the power of our minds, managing stress, and a variety of other topics. Find me @judyhissong, email at, and learn more at

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