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Written by Julia Menard

I read a book by someone who did her PhD on examining cases of radical remissions in cancer. Kelly Turner’s research included a year-long trip around the world interviewing 50 holistic healers and 20 Radical Remission cancer survivors about their healing techniques. She also analyzed over 1,000 cases of radical (“spontaneous”) remissions.

I like this book partly because it’s based on research. But I also like it because what she found boiled down to 9 basic recommendations for anyone who wants to take their health up a notch. These 9 suggestions are mostly common sense – yet seeing them together in one place can act as a bit of a checklist for any of us to review and spark new ideas for our own radical care!

Here are the 9 themes that came up time and again in Turner’s research:

  1. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, beans – not sugar, refined carbs, fat and salt. 
  2. Take control of your health – don’t accept what any one person says; it’s your body. 
  3. Follow your intuition – quiet your mind to hear that still, small voice more often. 
  4. Use supplements and herbs – to help support the other aspects of health you are strengthening. 
  5. Release suppressed emotions – allow all emotions to move through you. 
  6. Increase positive emotions – increase your gratitude and appreciations; it’s good for you! 
  7. Embrace social support – receiving and feeling the love from others helps us heal. 
  8. Deepen a connection to the spiritual – especially that sense of being connected to a divine, unconditional love; connect to that sense as a nourishing daily practice. 
  9. Have strong reasons for living – love life and make it a priority to do some aspect of what lights you up. 

If you are interested in purchasing the book for yourself (or as a gift for someone else) – you can find it here.

“You just need to keep changing until you come across the change that your body-mind-spirit was asking you to make.”  
… An alternative healer from Kelly Turner’s research

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