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Take a Moment for Yourself

Written by Janiene Chand

Editor’s note:  I am delighted to have AMP (Associate Mentoring Plus) coach Janiene Chand joining the writing team here at Attorney With A Life with this insightful first article about your own self-care.  Something most of us forget all the time!

How often do you take a moment for yourself to pause and reflect? We often get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to do exactly this.

As a lawyer, I recall how often I would set a goal for myself, achieve it, and move on to setting the next goal. I did not take the time to celebrate my accomplishments. I was always too busy trying to reach a certain vision I had set for myself. In the process of trying to reach this destination, I did not take the time to enjoy the journey. I did not take the time I should have taken to celebrate all the wins along the way.

Can you relate?

Through coaching, I realized just how important it was to take a moment for myself to pause and reflect on all that I had accomplished. All the big and small achievements.

My coach suggested that I begin writing down all of my accomplishments and achievements – from the past and present. This included anything that I was proud of, something I considered a win. I would write them down on little post-it notes and put them into a special canister my coach had gifted.

Once a week I would take out a random handful of these little notes to read through. This helped me reflect on those moments and remember all that I had achieved, how hard I had worked to get where I was.

This practice started to create a positive ripple effect. It helped me stay motivated, even when things were not going well. I was able to look at these wins and shift my perspective. Instead of focusing on all the things that were not going well, I was able to pause and reflect on all that
had gone well. This reframe helped me feel empowered and grateful.

Give it a try. Take out a few moments a week to truly acknowledge and celebrate your achievements. There is plenty to be proud of in our lives, we just need to take a moment to pause and reflect all that we have accomplished.

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About the author

Janiene Chand

Janiene has over 12 years of experience in the legal field. During this time, she worked as a legal assistant, a paralegal, and a lawyer. She was called to the bar in 2018, and as a junior lawyer, encountered many challenging experiences. This led Janiene to become a certified professional life coach. She decided to utilize her own experiences to support and provide guidance to other new lawyers. As a lawyer and coach, Janiene believes in “living a life anchored with alignment and empowerment.”

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