The Productive Lawyer

The Productive Lawyer is a 16-week program for lawyers seeking to reduce procrastination and become more productive.

You will develop the skills that support productivity, learn and implement productive strategies and tools, build your productive practice plan, and take action with the support and guidance of your accountability coach.

What You Receive:

  • Access to the On-Line Productive Lawyer Course (with seven modules and 37 lessons and many valuable resources and tools)
  • One 45-minute Deep Dive Private Coaching Session with Allison Wolf (to uncover the challenges, set the strategies and develop your action plan)
  • Six – 15-minute laser coaching sessions with your Accountability Coach (to keep your plan advancing and to recalibrate as needed)
  • CustomThriving Practice Plan (tailored to fit you – strategic, focused, and Effective)
  • Advanced Accountability System (daily or weekly check-ins from your Accountability Coach with your responses tracked and graphed to record progress)
  • Access to a Private Client Portal (with resources, more accountability tools, and confidential and anonymous group interaction with other lawyers in the program.)

To learn more about the program schedule a call with Allison

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When will classes be held?

Online training is designed for you to have 24-hour access so you can fit the classes into your schedule.

  • How much time will I need?

Blocking 15 minutes a day in your schedule, five days a week will provide sufficient time to complete the on-line training in under three months.

Sessions with your accountability coach are scheduled for 15 minutes and are laser-focused on fine-tuning your plan and supporting your on-going development.

The course is designed to integrate into your day-to-day without becoming yet another thing you have to do!

  • How will my confidentiality be protected in the private group exchanges?

The group sessions will identify you only by your first name so that you can contribute anonymously.

  • What results can I expect from this class?

You can expect to – with your coach – develop and implement a productivity plan to better prioritize, set boundaries, manage your time and energy, and reduce procrastination. The course is structured to give you a lot of accountability support as you develop your skills and initiate new strategies.

  • What if I want to continue with accountability coaching after the program ends?

Graduates of the program can choose to join The Productive Lawyer membership program.  Membership gives you on-going access to the online course and any updates that are released, two accountability coaching sessions a month, access to the private portal and accountability tools, and online communication with your Accountability Coach during the month.