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Three c’s

Written by Judy Hissong

I recently read an article by Rhonda Magee on Reacting to Racism (educating lawyers and using mindfulness to do so). Her “ColorInsight” practice is worth sharing, and if this resonates, support her work at

Sit in silence for a few minutes, bringing your attention to the body and the breath. Think back on your life experiences over the past 24 hours with nonjudgmental awareness. Reflect on the settings in which you have moved, including to, from, and during work. What races do you typically encounter? In what roles? Do some groups dominate as among the powerful or the powerless? Invest a few minutes to write in a journal about what you know, including the habits or conditioning you may have around acknowledging or avoiding this aspect of your own life experience. Notice not only the thoughts but also the emotions and physical sensations that arise as you seek to turn more forthrightly to this aspect of your own life. Consider developing an intention of gently bringing mindful awareness to these aspects of your life, inviting the will to work with this dimension of your experience with greater compassion, courage, and curiosity in the coming week.

A powerful invitation, which I’m already practicing with interesting awareness. I challenge you for these 20 minutes over the next week, 5 minutes per work day. What will you learn about yourself, and how can you evolve your courage, compassion, and curiosity?

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