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TLC Lunch Bites: Shifting from Avoidance to Productive Conversations

Written by Janiene Chand

We are excited to launch episode one of The Lawyer Coach’s Lunch Bites!

TLC Lunch Bites are short videos on a variety of topics that come up commonly in coaching conversations with lawyers. These short videos provide an opportunity to learn useful coaching nuggets quickly.

In our inaugural episode, Shifting from Avoidance to Productive Conversations, lawyer coach Karmen Masson talks about lawyers, conflict and how to stop avoiding tough conversations with colleagues and team members.

The Lawyer Coach Lunch Bites Ep.1: Shifting From Avoidance to Productive Conversations with Colleagues (

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About the author

Janiene Chand

Janiene Chand is a lawyer turned certified professional coach who puts her experience and knowledge to work in support and guidance of legal professionals.

Prior to becoming a coach, Janiene worked in the legal field for over 12 years in various capacities. Her diverse experience as a legal assistant, paralegal, and lawyer gives her a unique understanding of the different roles, perspectives, and team dynamics within law firms.

Janiene excels in time management, practice management, team management, career transitions, and career development. Her coaching practice is dedicated to putting these strengths and her experience to work in service of her client's goals and growth.

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