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To be or not to be

Written by Jill Farmer

Who do you want to be?

Notice the difference in the energy between these statements:

I need to lose weight.
I want to be someone who values health and has energy to do cool things in the world.

I need to save more money.
I want to be someone who is confident in my spending decisions, secure with my financial future, and generous.

I need to get organized.
I want to be someone who enjoys her physical space and feels peace and calm as she moves through her day.

Can you feel the difference?

The by-product of the second statement in each of these pairings will likely be weight loss, more financial stability, and increased organization.

But, getting a clearer picture of who you want to be has a lot more solid footing that tiptoeing through the familiar minefields doing of simply doing stuff to try to be adequate.

In other words, if whether or not we’re okay is anchored entirely in whether we’re “on the wagon” with our diet, we are one piece of cheesecake away from being unworthy. If our goal is to be a healthier, and energetic person, that’s a much broader more secure foundation to make good choices and allow some space for real life to happen.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Sit down for five minutes today write down a few sentences of who you want to be this year.

Mark your calendar to check in on that list every week and commit to taking turtle steps toward being that person.

Let me know how it goes.

My best,

About the author

Jill Farmer

I love helping people get more meaningful work done in less time. I am the author of "There's Not Enough Time... and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves" which debuted as a bestseller in the Time Management Category on Amazon. In 2015, The Washington Post named me to its 21-Day Time Hacker team. I travel the world delivering keynotes and seminars for top corporations and organizations. I am also a wife and the mother of two teens and I have the two worst-behaved dogs in the universe. You can reach me at jill@jillfarmercoaching.com or visit my website JillFarmer.com.

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