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“F” is for “focus” your mind on this!

Written by Paulette Pommells

My last article helped associates to prepare for their evaluations. This is a follow-up to “’E’ is for Taking the Frustration out of Associate ‘Evaluations’.”

Associates, now that your evaluation meetings are here, I want you to focus on two positive things that employers have told me about:

1. The Good News

The good news is that your employer has noticed your efforts over the past year. They want to take the opportunity to acknowledge this and share in your success. If you’ve felt shy or reluctant to talk about your accomplishments, take this as a personal invitation that your employer truly wants to hear about your achievements.

For more assistance on how to promote yourself with class, read the previous article:

2. Your Strengths

One Director of Professional Development told me that “most associates are good communicators in terms of letting the rest of the team (their assistant, the other lawyers, the client) know what they’re doing to move a file forward.” If communication is a strength of yours, tell your employer how you’ve flexed that muscle over the past year!

Whatever your strengths are, focus on them. This will not only maintain your motivation levels throughout the meeting, it will also give your employer a chance to take note of your strengths for future projects or opportunities.

If you don’t know what your strengths are or you’d like an objective measure of what they are, take a free strengths assessment (by registering an account): VIA Survey of Character Strengths


What will you focus on at your evaluation meeting?


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