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2 Signs Your Scarcity Mindset Is a Problem

Written by Allison Wolf

A scarcity mindset can challenge and show up in many ways: fear of not having enough files, status, or money. These recurring woes that arise in legal practice underpin your scarcity mindset and can often be problematic.

It feels like you are constantly buried in too much work. Clients are clamoring for attention. You feel like you are on a hamster wheel of deadlines and stress. The scarcity mindset pushes you to continue. But, having too many clients and work and not enough capacity to service your book of business is not simply a law problem. It is a common business problem.

The answer? Evaluate your capacity and the capacity of your team. Control the volume. Know when to turn work over to a trusted referral source. Put plans in place for growing and training your team.

Another sign of a scarcity mindset? You or a partner at your firm sees colleagues as competitors.

The bottom line is scarcity mindset turns opportunities into problems. This focus on lack promotes decision-making that initiates a downward spiral, leading to the feared result. Read the full article on slaw.ca to learn how to turn scarcity towards opportunities and strategies to make a shift towards an abundance mindset.

About the author

Allison Wolf

I am the founder of AWAL and one of the most senior coaches for lawyers in North America. I have helped countless clients over the past fifteen years, develop thriving legal practices and before that served as director of marketing for award-winning law firms. My specialty is uncovering the thinking traps and gaps holding clients back and helping them acquire the mindsets, skills, and habits for growing successful and rewarding legal careers. After a career in legal marketing and business development with law firms in Beijing, New York, and Vancouver, I was trained as a coach in 2004 at Royal Roads University and now coach clients from across North America. You can reach me at allison@shiftworks.ca or learn more about my coaching practice from the coaching section of the Attorney With A Life Website.

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