I deliver a lot of content from the stage. I am very fortunate to be invited to speak at a number of different conferences, organizations, and programs around the country.

In a recent opportunity to talk with a group of managing partners and their marketing directors I was poking fun with the audience about how they clap as I walk onstage, having no idea if they will enjoy the program. Are they clapping because the bio that I wrote was delivered well by one of their peers? We all chuckled.

Later one of the attendees reminded me the opening applause is the welcoming experience. The closing applause is for the program.

And in the space between she is listening for the opportunity to clap.
Whoa! Listening for the opportunity to clap?

Now I’m wondering about the times and places I have in my life where I’m listening for this opportunity. Hmmm. Am I listening for the opportunity to correct? to criticize? to compliment? or to clap?

Wow. That’s a great notion, and I challenge each of us – look for opportunities to clap in your day today. We know employee engagement comes first from trust, values and purpose.
And part of purpose is the ability to contribute and be recognized for doing so. Part of shared values is the understanding and appreciation of different ways of being with a common belief structure.

How can you incorporate the celebration of applause into the culture of your organization?

Or better yet, how can you begin listening for the opportunity to applaud?

Now there’s a focus that will bring forward great ideas, and terrific engagement!

Who’s first??