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Work life balance for lawyers – the new CBA resource centre

My July article for the Canadian Legal Blog Slaw.ca was all about work-life balance or more exactly the myth of balance. 

The word balance is misleading. It seems to indicate a quantity goal, with a focus on the amount of time being spent on either side of the work-life equation. The exact amount of optimal home time and work time will vary from person-to-person and day-to-day. I like to think that it is not so much a question of quantity but rather the overall quality of our entire life that is important.

What is the quality of our work life? What is the quality of our personal life? When both activities are fulfilling we have an abundance of energy. When one or both are draining we run into health issues and performance challenges.

Instead of work-life balance can we just talk about work-life enjoyment? 

For those of you exploring questions of work-life balance and enjoyment there’s now a CBA resource dedicated to it.  Thanks to Connie Crosby’s post in Slaw.ca for alerting me to this resource.  It’s packed with great articles, links and other resources. 

Ultimately, work-life balance is a personal matter.  Getting the work-life equation right is a key component of developing a productive, fulfilling and yes, successful life.  It’s not about being a slacker.  It’s about being a high achiever by creating the life you want to lead.

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