Managing Self

Resilience is brilliance

Written by Judy Hissong

I was driving on the freeway when I heard that all-too-familiar sound – a rock hit my windshield. Sigh. The dot that was created soon became a star as the crack expanded and the light refracted through the slices of glass. This prompted me to think a little more about how bright that light was – in the cracks of glass. How my first reaction (and maybe yours too) was to consider how this broken glass was going to require investment – of time and treasure. Sigh again.

I thought a little more – about my own experiences. I thought about the times I’ve felt broken, alone and beaten or feeling emotional pain. I consider how the glass is broken and shining brightly. Perhaps it is in our most broken times when our light shines brightest? Our walls are down, our vulnerable and authentic selves are shining, and the people in our lives see us clearly.

It’s a bit cliché to say when we at our lowest we learn the most. That’s a bitter pill, and I’m not sure I buy that medicine! I do see where I have fumbled, fallen, or otherwise been off-kilter, I find myself surrounded by others who care deeply. Think about it for yourself: Where are you shining brightly through your cracked windshield?

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Judy Hissong

Professional Athlete. Accredited Executive Coach. Certified Personal Trainer. Decade in legal management. I revel in maximizing human potential – coaching and training leaders to live from the inside out, creating and synergizing teams to balance flow and service, and speaking to audiences of all sizes on the power of our minds, managing stress, and a variety of other topics. Find me @judyhissong, email at, and learn more at

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