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Two weeks of travel – a year of enjoyment

Written by Allison Wolf

I am travelling later this year with my wife to Europe. This holiday has been one we have dreamed of for years and we are counting down the days to departure.

On the weekend we pour over our travel guides.

We research restaurants.

Track museum opening times.

Plan itineraries.

My discovery is that the pleasure and joy of this trip isn’t simply in the doing, it is also so much in the planning and anticipation.

We are learning so much about the destinations we are travelling to, and are enjoying every moment of the armchair travel that comes before.

And when we return home we have the memories to savour and to relive with each other. We will create an on-line photo album, share stories with our friends, and reap many hours of enjoyment from the experience.

Travel is life enriching in so many ways.

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