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“V” is for “video-based” training for hirebacks

Written by Paulette Pommells

In last month’s blog, I talked about how law school doesn’t prepare us to find a job. It prepares us to be lawyers. The only thing missing after being called to the Bar is the opportunity to put those newly minted skills to work!

I’ve been coaching hirebacks and new-calls to land their first job as a lawyer since 2010. And since 2010, I have noticed changes in the way a proper job search is done. Online resources and conflicting information can make the whole process seem overwhelming.

That’s why I created the first online course of its kind, How to Find Your First Job as a Lawyer. I take out all the clutter and give you the real low-down on how to conduct a proper job-search in the 21st century.

To show you what the course is like, I’ve created three FREE video sessions on how to:

  1. Trouble-shoot your job search to get you unstuck.
  2. Best answer behavioural questions during an interview using my favourite technique.
  3. Deconstruct a job ad to be able to write a killer cover letter!

To get this free training, join my mailing list and you’ll also receive information on the step-by-step course to help you land your first job as a lawyer:

Lawyer Coach Paulette brings 10+ years of experience as a civil litigator at a big and small law firm in Toronto. She is a professional coach, certified résumé and career strategist.


About the author

Paulette Pommells

I am a certified coach with a creative approach to bring out the best of the 21st Century Lawyer! A 21st Century Lawyer myself, I was faced with a professional dilemma years ago: I had become a “successful” lawyer, and yet something didn't feel right. One day, I hired a career coach and realized how similar coaching is to the legal strategy process. I decided to share this breakthrough with every single lawyer. Today, Creative Choices™ is a sought-after technique by lawyers, law students and law firms when it comes to professional challenges of all kinds. You can learn more about this on my website or by emailing me at

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